ClubWPT Affiliate Program

If you are familiar with the poker world you know that different poker rooms offer different affiliate programs. ClubWPT also allows you to earn money by inviting your friends to play in their poker room. It’s a great way to earn extra money without any risks. Being a poker affiliate is a serious business that can bring serious money if you do it right. In this article, you will find some basic information about the ClubWPT Affiliate Program.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: ClubWPT is no longer offering a Referral Program. It's stopped for now. We hope one day it will be relaunched. All the text below is about old terms and services for referrals. We will keep this article published for future updates. 


There are no special requirements. All you need is a strong desire and free time. If you want to get some money you are free to join the program any time. Just don’t forget that the level of your success depends on the amount of time you spend. The more time you spend the better your results will be.

If you want to achieve good results you will have to spend several hours a day searching for poker players. It’s great if you have your own website.

Remember, that you must obey the law. You shouldn’t break any copyrights of the World Poker Tour. It’s very important. You can read about copyrights in the affiliate agreement. If you break copyrights your account may be suspended.


The Club rewards you for any invited player who purchases their VIP membership. If you invite a player and he just signs up without any purchase you get nothing. That’s fair; ClubWPT can’t pay you for such players. Such players don’t bring any money and the room doesn’t make profits. Remember, you receive money if the Club receives money. When your affiliate purchases VIP access you earn a share of the sum he spends. Your earned money is called “commission”.

The size of the commission is fixed – 10% lifetime. For example, if your affiliate purchases 1 year subscription plan you receive 10% of the amount he pays. Moreover, if he continues his subscription later on and purchases extra months/years you receive the commission again.

You become a partner of the WPT Club and receive a part of the income the Club receives from your players. If you invite a lot of people you can earn a very good income. The greatest thing is that there are no restrictions, you can invite more and more players and thus make more money. Your income is not restricted and you receive a 10% share anyway.


  • You are not required to play poker like a pro in order to earn money from this affiliate program. Everything depends on your ability to drive new players to the website. You don’t have to know poker rules and hand rankings. Just invite as many players as you can. If you know how to play poker this will help you, but it’s not the basic knowledge.
  • Every Affiliate receives a special dedicated manager who helps with any questions and informs about new promotions for affiliates. Your manager will help you if you experience any difficulties. Note, that the manager can’t help you with setting up your website. If you want to have a website you will have to do everything yourself.
  • Each affiliate can access a special backend where he can see detailed reports about his performance. You can see the total number of sign-ups, daily sign-ups, and several other useful numbers. These statistics will help you to track your results to improve your business. The backend is not the best but it’s enough for most of the affiliates.
  • You can use all ClubWPT promotions in order to attract players. For example 2-week Free Trial and different tourneys. Special promo materials are also available.
  • Being a ClubWPT affiliate is a great honor. This brand is very famous in the poker world and has a great reputation. You can use their promotional materials and other stuff to drive players. Actually, your task is to tell others everything you know about this poker room and ask them to try to play. ClubWPT has a lot of interesting promotions to stimulate players to sign up. Your job is to drive players to the website.


Unfortunately, the Affiliate Program of ClubWPT consists of one level, meaning you will receive money from your direct affiliates only. If your affiliate also brings his friends you don’t get anything from this. Of course, if this program was multilevel it would be a brilliant offer. But this is how things are going. You get benefits from your direct affiliates only. Thus there is no sense in developing your own network. Spend all your efforts on inviting new players.


Your commission is paid according to your requirements. You can set up a threshold sum for payments. Or you can ask your manager to pay you every month regardless of the sum. Payment options: bank transfer and cheque. The cheque option is the best for US-based partners, while bank transfer is great if you live in European countries.

Don’t forget that bank transfer is an expensive option and you will have to pay the commission yourself. Thus we don’t recommend using this option for small sums. We recommend using this option for large sums of money (700 USD and above).

If you have troubles with money transfers you can contact your account manager and he will help you.

It’s a competitive business and other people also want to earn their money from this amazing affiliate offer. You will have to “fight” against others here. But other businesses are also hard and the level of competition depends on possible rewards.

Remember, being a poker affiliate is a serious business and it takes time. You will hardly earn a big sum of money after the first month. But the more you learn and do the better your result will be. Just don’t give up!