WPT History

Nowadays WPT is the most famous live poker event in the world. It’s almost as famous as WSOP and many poker players are dreaming of participating in this event. World Poker Tour is watched by thousands of poker players all over the globe. This article will tell you some interesting information about the history of this famous brand.

Every year WPT gathers skilled poker players in one place to find out which of them is the strongest one. The World Poker Tour championship consists of many tournaments which take place during the whole year. Each tournament is held in a different place. The final event is the most important and spectacular. It takes place at the end of each year and it’s a big honor to participate in this final event.

What attracts people to WPT? First of all, it’s the possibility to compete against top players. It’s a big challenge where you can prove your skills. Prize pools are very big and first place winner usually receives a very big sum of money. WPT games are also shown on TV and many people from different parts of the world will see you in the tournaments.

But of course, the World Poker Tour has a great history. In 2003 WPT made a revolution in TV poker translations with their lipstick-sized camera. This camera was located under each seat and it showed cards of players in real time. Those who watch the translation could see the cards of every player. Nowadays it’s impossible to imagine a poker TV program without such a feature. But in 2003 it was a real revolution. WPT did a great job of becoming one of the most famous poker brands and right now WPT is as famous as WSOP.

WPT tournaments are for all players regardless of their experience. It’s one of the most important events for professionals. Many Pro players take part in the World Poker Tour every year. You can see many professional players from the USA, European Countries, Canada, and other parts of the world.

Right now WPT is a big poker brand and its popularity is growing more and more. Here are some numbers: "WPT Championship I" was the first public poker championship organized by WPT. About 1420 players took part in that first event. "WPT Championship VII" was much bigger: 5280 total players. The prize pool also grew from $11.493.864 to $60.962.386.

If you think that WPT live events are for professionals only you are mistaken. Nowadays every poker player has a chance to win a seat in this amazing tournament. For example, ClubWPT holds special tournaments where a special package can be won. This package gives you an opportunity to take part in a live WPT event for free.


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