ClubWPT Diamond – Is it worth it?

This article is an in-depth analysis and review of ClubWPT Diamond Membership - the highest-level paid plan available in the ClubWPT poker room. We will reveal all the details of this plan, and all the differences from the VIP membership, and will tell if it is worth buying. All the conclusions on this page are the author's personal opinion.

Before we go deep into all the pros and cons of the plan, let me give you a brief explanation of how the platform works in general. ClubWPT is a subscription-based poker room. You don’t bet your cash but you can win cash, WPT Seat, and other great stuff here. If you want to play in tournaments with really valuable prizes, you need to pay a subscription fee. Nothing is free in this world...

There are two paid membership plans on the website: VIP and Diamond. The latter is the most expensive and provides players with ALL the possible bonuses the platform offers. Here is what you will get if you go with this plan:

1. Exclusive Tournaments and Promotions

Diamond players have their exclusive tournaments with guaranteed prizes. This is the most valuable bonus in our opinion. Just open the game lobby, and you will see at least two EXCLUSIVE tournaments that run daily for Diamond players only. Here is an image showing how many tournaments are exclusive (highlighted with a brilliant icon): 

Diamond exclusive tournaments

These tournaments can reward winners with money or other sweet prizes like a $12,500 WPT Seat or a $150,000 WPT World Championship Seat. As you see the rewards are rather huge. You have a chance to win cash or even a WPT Seat!

Another great tournament is a $1,000 exclusive guaranteed tournament that runs daily! This tournament rewards 75 winners. The 1st place prize is 150 USD + 2500 Tournament Points. You can play this tournament every day, and if you win 1st place you will return the money you have spent on a membership plan.

$1000 Daily Guaranteed Tournament

There is one thing you need to understand: all these exclusive promotions are available to Diamond members only. There will not be VIP or Free players trying to bite a part of the prize pool. All the prizes will go to you and players with the same membership level. Lower competition at the table is always great.

2. Free poker education on LearnWPT

When you purchase the most expensive subscription plan you get free poker education on LearnWPT. It’s a very good platform where you can learn or polish your gaming skills. You receive access to many videos, trainer scenarios, downloadable materials, a hand input tool for fast hand recording, and access to a forum where you can ask your questions to professional players.

LearnWPT Training Session

In our opinion, this is a great bonus because LearnWPT membership costs $30 on its own. But you receive it for free and you can benefit from it any time you want. Education is always great. Don’t underestimate the power of it.

3. All benefits of the VIP plan

A Diamond player can participate in all the promotions of the VIP level. For example, you can play an extra $1000 daily tournament which will cost you 400 Tourney Points. The competition in this tournament is bigger than in an Exclusive tournament, but it’s still another opportunity to win money.

Is the Diamond plan worth buying?

Every player wants to get as much value as possible for the money he pays. Currently, The Diamond plan costs $149.95 per month without any discounts. It’s not that cheap BUT you receive many opportunities to return your money or even win much more.

For example, a 1st place win in a $1,000 daily exclusive tournament will return all the money you paid for the subscription. This tournament runs every day, and you have a chance to win this prize daily. Don’t forget about WPT seat qualifiers you can also win one day.

We don’t even mention that you receive many other bonuses like free poker education on LearnWPT, access to promotions for VIP members, and so on.

In our opinion, this plan provides a lot of benefits and is worth the money. But be realistic. We recommend going with it if you have enough time to play poker regularly to maximize the chances of winning and get the most out of it.

How to activate it?

First of all, you need an account. We have written a step-by-step Download and Registration guide that will help you to create a new account if you don't have one. After this, you need to log in to the game lobby and click your nickname at the bottom. You will see a popup window.  Click "Update Billing Details" and you will see all the subscription plans available for your account. Select the "Diamond" plan and choose a payment method you are more comfortable paying with. Confirm and make a payment. Congratulations, now you can enjoy all the exclusive events.

Many people ask if there is a way to save some money by purchasing several months of the Diamond plan with one payment. Unfortunately, right now you can play only monthly. There is no option to buy several months in a row and save some cash.

Diamond vs VIP membership: What's the difference?

Both Diamond and VIP memberships are paid, meaning you have to pay a monthly fee to be able to benefit from them. The Diamond plan is the most advanced. It includes all the benefits of the VIP membership and gives many more extra opportunities.

The price of the VIP plan is $27.95 per month which is much cheaper than the Diamond. But VIP doesn’t include free access to Exclusive promotions. With a VIP subscription, you can play daily $1000 Guaranteed for 400 Tourney Points but you miss the $1000 Daily Exclusive.

Don’t forget that the cheaper VIP plan has many more subscribers. Thus, the tournaments on the VIP level have many more participants lowering your chances of becoming a winner. We don’t even mention that VIP players have fewer opportunities to win a WPT seat.

In our opinion, VIP membership is great if you are a beginner and want to have a nice poker experience against average players. But you will not be satisfied with VIP if you are a more serious type of player and want to compete for bigger prizes.


Q: Do I need to buy a VIP membership first?

A: No, it’s not required. Both plans are independent, and you can start right from the most advanced one if you wish. Just select your desired plan and start playing.

Q: Can VIP members access Diamond Tournaments?

A: No, all these exclusive tournaments are locked for VIP members and they can’t benefit from them. VIP members have to upgrade their plans to participate in these competitions.

Q: Is it possible to upgrade from VIP to Diamond?

A: Yes, you can do it anytime you want. Select “My Account” - > “Manage My Membership”. The platform will ask you to confirm your billing details and that’s all. Note, that you will not lose anything. You will receive a prorated credit if you have time left on your VIP plan. This credit will be used to pay for your subscription in the future.

Q: Is there a free trial period for the Diamond plan?

A: No, right now the platform doesn’t provide any trial period for this plan. The trial period is a VIP-only feature.