How ClubWPT works?

ClubWPT is an unusual poker room because of its subscription system. When you create a new account it has basic status and you need to upgrade it to a VIP or Diamond in order to take part in serious games. You need to purchase a subscription. What does it mean?

If you are familiar with other poker rooms you know that they require every player to make a deposit. Otherwise, a player can't play in tournaments with real money prizes. If you don't deposit you have to play for "play money" or "play chips". Thus you have to make a deposit in order to participate in serious games.

Poker rooms require players to deposit their money. But they don't care that poker is a risky game and only 10 out of 100 new players will make profits. A new player has no chance to win if he plays against serious guys.

A lot of new players who have just started their poker career have no strategy or knowledge. They deposit their money and most likely lose the entire deposit because of their weakness. How can a newbie win a game against pro players?

The good news is that all PRO players did not know a lot about poker at the beginning. All of the current pros were newbies when they started to play.

How does the Club help new players?

Now you know all the truth about the poker world. It's impossible to survive in a traditional poker room if you are not familiar with the game. That means the general task is to survive and learn how to play poker smart. But how can you learn if you have already lost all the money in your account? In traditional poker rooms, you have to make another deposit. And nobody can guarantee that it will help you to succeed. That means you can not progress until you put another portion of your money on the table.

WPT club has another system! A player needs to purchase a subscription in order to start playing. The fee is always the same but every player has a chance to win very good prizes here. You do not risk your own money; you do not need to deposit again and again. You just purchase a subscription and play. ClubWPT gives you an opportunity to understand the rules of poker, to create your own strategy, and learn basic poker techniques. You will understand when to call and when to fold.

You may ask: “Why should I purchase a subscription if I can learn all this in “play money” games?” The answer is you can not master all these things playing on “fun money” tables. Fun money games can help you to learn hand rankings, but nothing more. People who play fun money poker do not bother about their stakes. Many of them know only one button: all-in. It is not interesting to play such games, and the worst thing is that such games will not teach you. You will not be able to understand the psychology of poker because your opponents do not care about winning the game. The only way to become a good player is to play in tournaments where prizes are real. This stimulates every player to show the best game and you will have to play against such opponents. This will stimulate you to grow.

The best way to learn is to participate in tournaments with good and real prizes. ClubWPT is a place where you can participate in such games without risking your capital. Many players started their careers playing at WPT club. It is a good place for developing your own unique style. Just try and you will understand whether a poker game is for you or not.

The subscription model that is used in ClubWPT was created to give you more chances to succeed. You can cancel the subscription at any time. It is one of you best deals in your poker career.


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