ClubWPT Free Trial

ClubWPT Free Trial is a special 2-week period for all new players. During this period, you can experience all the benefits of a VIP membership plan without spending a single penny. Here you can find all the information about what the trial is, how to activate it, how to get a trial code etc.

How Free Trial can help you?

ClubWPT is not a traditional poker room with a deposit system. It's a subscription-based platform where a player pays a fixed monthly fee in order to participate in serious tournaments with valuable prizes. You don’t need to risk your money in each game here. And that’s the main difference of the Club from all the other poker websites.

When you create a new account, you can play poker for free with other players. Players without subscriptions can play only with so-called “play chips” in a fun tournament. If you want to participate in serious games and compete for valuable prizes you need to buy a subscription.

Right now, there are 2 subscription plans: VIP and Diamond. The minimum duration of any plan is 1 month. But how do you decide if the poker room is really nice for you? Most people don’t want to pay money before they know what they are paying for…

WPT Club solves this problem. It gives every player a chance to try VIP membership at a zero cost with their amazing “Free Trial Period”! 

What will you receive?

The duration of the testing period is 2 weeks. During this period, you can use all the services of a VIP subscription without spending a cent. It’s enough to dive into the world of poker and to understand what the Club is about. During the Trial Period you receive all the benefits of being a VIP member:

  • 2 weeks of ClubWPT VIP Access without paying anything! This includes VIP Tournaments, access to the restricted areas on the website etc. You can read special poker guides, watch WPT TV, read magazines, and do a lot of other useful activities.
  • You can play poker games and win real money prizes. Yes, you can win a part of the $100,000 prize pool and withdraw your winnings.
  • You don’t need to deposit anything or spend your money. You don’t pay for this trial access and that’s amazing! You don’t risk your own money and you can cancel it at any time.

The image below is a screenshot from the lobby. It shows the tournaments you can play being a Trial Member. As you can see the list is rather big. You can play multiple small tourneys and even the $1000 NL Holdem Tournament. 

Free Trial Tournaments

The greatest thing about this opportunity is that you don’t risk your money. ClubWPT gives you a chance to see their poker room from the inside for free.

How to activate the Test Period?

All you need to receive trial access is to create a new account using the special link below. You can use our download and registration guide which explains all the steps you need to follow.

Pay attention: you don’t need any Trial Codes and other stuff. All newcomers can activate this promotion right from their accounts. It’s a bonus for all the new players.  

After the account is created you get 2 weeks of Free Trial access. That means all benefits of a VIP account are opened to you for a limited time. You can play tournaments, watch WPT episodes, access to special magazine, and do a lot of other interesting things. Everything at no cost! Do not miss the offer!

After the Trial is over you have three options: continue playing as a VIP member, upgrade to Diamond, or return to a Basic plan. If you like what The Club offers you can purchase a subscription and continue playing tourneys, winning prizes, watching WPT, reading the magazine, and doing what you did during your Trial. Right now, the price of a VIP subscription is cheap: only $19.95 monthly. To find out more about discounts read ClubWPT Membership plans.

Upgrade from Trial to VIP or Diamond

The core mission of ClubWPT is to provide a high-quality poker experience. That’s why you can test all their services without paying anything. Other poker rooms will require you to pay first and play only after this…

If you still doubt, think once again: it’s a real opportunity to change your life without risks. Especially if you have dreams of trying real poker games. A lot of players started their poker careers from this offer. Become one of them!


Q: Is there a Test Period for a Diamond membership plan?

A: No, you can test the VIP subscription level only. You don’t receive access to Diamond Tournaments and promotions. They continue to be locked. But it will not affect your experience in general. You will still have access to multiple tournaments and will be able to try how the poker room really works. This is the main aim of the test access.

The core difference of a Diamond level from VIP is that it unlocks tournaments with very big prize pools. Giving players trial access to these tournaments is not fair, because Diamond players pay a lot for their level. Too many Trial players will make their user experience much worse. If you really want to play these exclusive tournaments you can upgrade to a Diamond plan anytime.