Getting Free Chips at ClubWPT

When you start playing at ClubWPT you can join as a VIP member or as a basic member. More information about these membership plans can be found here. Your account status is important because it determines what sort of chips you have access to and thus what games you are able to take part in. The information below will explain you everything.

Basic Member – Fun Money Games

A Basic member can participate in play chips games only. How it works? Very simple: you have certain number of Play Chips on your balance. These chips don’t have value and can’t be used for winning real prizes. They are just for fun. You can participate in play money games using these chips.

PAY ATTENTION: ClubWPT no longer offers play money games!!! They moved all the action to their brand new website. If you want to continue having fun playing fun-money visit this website.

Mechanism of play coins is simple: they are for fun-money games and can be earned only there. There is no way to get free chips. Some people say that there is a way of getting free coins but that’s wrong! If you want to increase your balance you need to participate in fun-money games and win. This is the only way. You can’t get the coins for free!!!

Purchasing Chips

Before the Club moved to it was possible to buy chips at your account. All you had to do was to log-in and make a purchase. Now you can’t buy the chips because play money games moved to PlayWPT website. If you want to participate in fun money games go to this new site.

Buy Chips

The image above displays a button that allows to make a purchase. This button doesn't work now.

VIP Balance – Tournament Chips

Now we want to tell you about another important type of currency – Tournament Chips. Every player at ClubWPT has his personal account balance. This balance is important because it allows to participate in special tournaments where real money prizes can be won. This Tournament Points balance is the main difference between Basic and VIP member.

There are several methods of getting these points:

  • You can win them in special games. All you need for this is to find special tables or tournaments where these points can be won.
  • You can get them for free if you have lost all of them. Every day your balanced will be automatically refilled.

As you see the Club offers perfect conditions: you may lose all your TPs every day and will be receiving new portion of points after this. You will never find yourself out of the game for more than a day. If you have lost everything today a new portion of TPs will arrive to your account tomorrow!

Reasons to Boost TP Balance

Many players may think that there is no reason to try to increase TP balance. Why to increase it if it will be automatically refilled even if you lose? Well, actually there is a real reason: the refill will not give you enough points for taking part in serious action! If you want to win something valuable you must have enough TPs for paying buy-in. The amount you receive from refill will not be enough for this!

ClubWPT holds many tournaments where great prizes can be won. If you don’t enlarge your account balance you will not be able to participate in some of these tourneys. But if you do enlarge your balance you will be able to participate in these sweet events!

As you see there is a very strong reason to take part in games where Tournament Chips can be won.

Is there a way to receive these points for free? Yes and no at the same time. If you drop below a certain amount you will be automatically topped up the next day. But if you are above the limit you can’t receive the chips for free.