How to Get WPT Package?

WPT (World Poker Tour) is one of the largest and most popular live poker events. It takes place during the whole year in different places. The prize pool is very big and most of the top poker professionals participate in these tournaments. For an average player, WPT is a chance to win money and become famous.

You also have an opportunity to take part in the World Poker Tour. WPT Poker gives you several opportunities to win your WPT Package.

WPT Poker has special WPT Satellites. These satellites are for those who want to get a package for free. The top 25 players will get entry to the WPT Sub Qualifiers Rebuy ($3 Daily) and will continue their way to the WPT Package.

If you do not want to start from freerolls WPT Poker has special WPT Sub Qualifiers ($8.80 +$1.20 Daily) and WPT Sub Qualifiers Rebuy ($3 Daily). Just pay a small Buy-in and participate in these tourneys.

If you do not want to participate in Sub Qualifiers you can pay $80 +$8 and take part in WPT Satellite Qualifier. 1 in 10 players will gain a ticket to enter WPT Satellite where WPT Package can be won.

To take part in WPT Satellite you need to win WPT Satellite Qualifier or pay $750 +$50 Buy-in. 1 in 20 players will win a $15 000 WPT Package. Though the Buy-in is big you can participate in the satellite directly without taking part in Qualifiers.

Note that the Buy-in sum can vary. Current Buy-ins can be different.

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