Real Money at ClubWPT

ClubWPT is a subscription-based poker room. If you played poker at other poker rooms you will be surprised because you don’t need to risk your funds here. What’s the role of real money in this poker room then?

In other poker rooms, every player has to make a deposit. Deposit allows you to participate in real money games. You can take a part of your deposited funds at the table and play poker hoping to win more than you spend. It’s a traditional poker system.

One of the worst things about such a system is that a beginner has no chance to win if he knows nothing. Most of the beginners lose their money because they have to play against stronger opponents. If a newbie loses his money he has to deposit again in order to continue his “education”. Who knows how many deposits will a player lose before he starts to win?

In ClubWPT a player pays a fixed amount of real money on a monthly basis. This is called “subscription” and it upgrades your basic account to VIP. Every VIP member has a definite amount of Tournament Points. You can use these points in order to play serious tournaments with great prizes.

As you see the scheme is different. When you play at ClubWPT you don’t risk your money directly. You will never lose your deposit here because you don’t have it! You know that you pay a subscription fee only. This fee gives you access to more than $100,000 in cash and different prizes every month!

What about real money ring games? Are real money games allowed at ClubWPT? The answer is “No”, you will not find real money games there. You can’t take real funds at the table because you can’t make a deposit. If you want to play ring games you can use play-chips only. Play Chips allows you to get familiar with the game of poker and understand how to play.

Real Money Prizes

Though there are no real money games, you can still win real money prizes and withdraw your winnings. VIP status gives you access to special tournaments where you can win cash prizes. For example, there are 250 paid places in the $10,000 Guaranteed Cash tourney. First place winner gets $1000!

Now you know all the information about real money in ClubWPT. Do you still want to play in other poker rooms where you have to deposit again and again? Join ClubWPT now and get access to more than $100,000 in cash and prizes without risking your money. You don’t have to pay buy-in to participate in all these promotions. You just pay a fixed fee and get access to all tourneys!!! It’s the best deal ever!

ClubWPT understands that the subscription system is unusual. That’s why they offer 2 weeks of FREE Trial Access. You will be able to test all offers of the club without spending a cent!