How to get more WPT Points?

Every WPT Poker player wants to get more points. It is normal because the amount of points determines the VIP Level. The more points you have the higher your level is. The higher your level the more rewards you receive. That is when you receive more points you receive more money and valueback.

First of all, you should know that the player receives 2 WPT Points for each 1 dollar of rake. The rake method is Weighted-Contributed.

That means there are 2 ways of maximizing the amount of WPT Points you receive:

1) To play more hands per hour (multitasking)

It is a very good way to increase the amount of WPT Points you receive. When you play more tables you will be able to get more good hands. It will also increase your winrate. You will be more active and will be able to receive more WPT points.

How to use this technique?

Try to open an extra table during your next poker session. You will understand that it is not so difficult to play 2 tables. When you master 2 table poker you can add one more table. Do it when you feel that you are ready. Do not try to open a lot of tables. Do it little by little and you will have success.

Advantages: It is not difficult to add several extra tables. You do not need to increase your poker skills. You can stay at the limits you can afford.
Disadvantages: Every player has his own limit of opened tables. Some players can play 6 tables at the same time. Others can play 10. But everyone has limits.

2) To master poker and go to higher limits

It is obvious that if you play at 0.10/0.25 you will get more points than at 0.02/0.04. Rake at higher limits is bigger and you will be able to receive much more points from playing poker.

Advantages: You will be able to win more money than at low limits.
Disadvantages: You need to learn many books and videos before going to the next limit. You must have progress in poker. You must also have enough money in your bankroll.

As you can see both techniques are good. Both have pluses and minuses. You should decide which technique is better for you. Or maybe you will use them simultaneously. Anyway, you should find your own way. Just try and you will see the result.