WPT Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

What is Bad Beat Jackpot?

Poker is a game of winnings and losses. You win or lose money in every hand. Sometimes you lose a hand having nuts. It is almost impossible to lose but you lose. In such moments you are full of negative emotions but WPT Poker can make you happy. Every time you lose with Four of a Kind, 8s, or better you get a huge piece from WPT Poker Bad Beat Jackpot.

How to qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot?

First of all you must play 'Cash Games' on specially designated tables. Such tables are called “Jackpot tables”. These tables are special. WPT Poker collects $0,5 from every raked hand pot played on Bad Beat Jackpot tables. That’s why jackpot grows so rapidly.

To hit Bad Beat Jackpot a player must lose a hand with Four of a Kind, 8s, or better. Yes, you must lose.

Note: Both players: loser and winner must use their two hole cards to build the best hand and the hand must be finished with a showdown.

Fund distribution

You can see Bad Beat Jackpot amount in your poker Lobby. This amount will be paid as soon as someone hits the Jackpot. The sum that you see in your lobby is equal to 70% from the whole Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot. WPT Poker will take 20% % of the full amount to the next Bad Beat Jackpot and 10% as a fee.

The amount that you can see in your lobby will be paid out to players.

  • The loser of the hand (the Bad Beat) will get 50% of the Paid Jackpot
  • The winner will get 25%
  • The other 25% will be paid to other players. (You must be dealt into the hand to earn a piece of this payment)

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